Websites designed to deliver

web-design-bathA business website in Bath or Bristol has one purpose in our view…..

To bring in business.

Whether directly through an online shop, or indirectly by convincing prospective customers to contact you with business enquiries.

It’s that simple.

But how can a website do this? This is where it gets slightly more involved.

The following are required:

  • Website traffic and
  • A website that converts traffic into customers.

Various factors affect a website’s ability to deliver Traffic and then convert this traffic into clients as follows:

Website Traffic comes from:

Social Media
Word of Mouth
Search Engine Optimisation

Ability to convert comes from:

Original design
Quality original content
Good navigation
Mobile Enabled
Clear ‘Call to Action’/Contact

Blue Web provides and helps with all these services to ensure our customers’ websites deliver business results. Contact us for a free introductory discussion on how we can help grow your Bath or Bristol business.