How to Gain Competitive Edge

55HIn history, when the bow and arrow was invented, this gave an advantage over those competing warriors that were only using a spear. Similarly, when the bow and arrow was first confronted by the rifle, you can guess who won! In battles over the centuries, one civilisation’s success was often due to technical advantages in weaponry.

Today thankfully in businesses, it is no longer necessary to kill your competitors! However, there are still similarities between war and business.

So how do you ensure your business not only survives but thrives against your competition?

  1. You can work harder, faster, longer and try to out-wit your competition.
  2. You could utilise technology to win your business war.

Given that your probably already doing the former, your focus should be on the latter. Fortunately, today the benefits that only big businesses could achieve a few years ago are now available to all businesses and no longer at the astronomical costs once charged.

Here are some key strategies that a business can adopt to gain a leaner, quicker more agile business and a business that has a better arsenal of weapons at its disposal.

  • Automate as much as possible all those parts of the business that can be automated, e.g. payroll, book keeping, stock control.
  • Increase your audience by publishing content online.
  • Generate enquiries automatically from your website.
  • Build an accessible knowledge base from your data assets, i.e. businesses and customer contact and purchase information.
  • Streamline internal and external communication.

People are looking for your services, make sure they find your website through Google and not someone elses! Optimise the content, keep content relevant and current, use social channels, get links back from authoritative websites.

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