Vision for my businessVision for my business and vision of a better life.

My decision to break free from the 9-to-5 (or 7-to-6, as was more often the case) was borne from both the successful business I envisioned running and the better life I wanted for myself.

Flourishing start-ups occupy niches in the market, and my business model is no different, providing much-needed bespoke tuition for students with a variety of needs, but at the core of its success is me.

While this sounds self-congratulatory, what I mean by this is the change in my lifestyle that has allowed me, and therefore the business, to prosper. No more grind. No more early mornings, no more dishwater-dull meetings, no more raging in rush hour traffic.

Instead, I run my life. I have creative control over the business, I make the decisions, I reap the benefits, and I find that rather than constantly feeling that I’m wasting time, I have more time. More time for my family, my friends, and myself, and infinitely more freedom.

This wonderful balance is central to the success of Crescent Tuition. I was attentive to startup costs, and the decisions I made were all investment based, including opting for a succinct and beautiful website.

The website builder I worked with; Blue Web, realised my vision for my business and now their framework allows me to continue to market and expand the business. It’s the lynchpin that brings the clients to the service, the work to the tutors and gives the business a streamlined online presence. In a sense, the website is the face of the business, and is fundamental to it's success.

Now, I find myself in a fortunate position, having checked three boxes I feel were crucial in the realisation of what was once an idea; firstly, the removal of whichever mental barriers that had held me in a grey day-job for so long; secondly, the quiet determination to be in control of my future; and finally, the materialisation of a platform – in my case, Crescent Tuition’s website – to enable the business to run smoothly.

The rewards are plenty; including a life that runs smoother, too. I recommend you contact Blue Web if you have a vision you want to become a reality.

Henry Pike,
Founder and Director, Crescent Tuition

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