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Human beings are amazing, we can recognise a face in a crowd of hundreds or thousands of people. In fact, consider how many faces you have seen in your lifetime, no two of them have been the same yet you can still identify each individual. This ability to distinguish faces means that we are able to rapidly draw almost instantaneous conclusions about the person.

Your Shop Window.

Now consider your business from the eyes of your potential customers. That same ability to draw almost instantaneous conclusions applies to your business. Consider the face of your business, when and where it is seen from the eyes of your potential customers. What does it say?

Firstly, consider where the face of your business might be seen.

Secondly, consider the uniformity of the business face presented. Is it always the same, or does it change depending upon the medium or the marketing message? Well established brands know how important it is to display a constant brand image. Just imagine how confused we would be if people kept changing their faces! And yet some businesses keep trying new advertising approaches, changing their image and marketing messages in attempt to drive new business.

What do your brand and marketing messages say about your business? Think of your business as a person, what type of person would you want to do business with? We suggest the following characteristics are key to developing a strong business character (brand).

In law a business entity is regarded as a person. At Blue Web we work to ensure your business is seen as the most professional it can be through the eyes of your prospective customers. Whether using the web, mobile or other online technologies.

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