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ecommerce websiteEcommerce Website, products for the maritime sector.

Ecommerce websites range from simple shops to more complex sites, Ocean Footprint is the latter.

As a Marine Ecommerce Website, Ocean Footprint is focused on the needs of maritime vessels including yacht's and commercial marine vessels and products for marine professionals.

Variations on a theme.

Products such as air conditioning units, electric motors, plumbing parts etc, are all available in different shapes and sizes. In the language of ecommerce, these are known as product attributes.

Just as a clothing store stocks, shirts in different sizes and colours, marine products can have hundreds or even thousands of different variations. Such as; dimensions, voltage, material, power, etc.

This of course leads to a complexity of product management and online display.

Simplicity of product selection.

The trick with displaying marine engineering products in an online shop, is to make the selection of your specific requirement easy.

Rather than scrolling through endless tables of product variants, the purchaser can select for example the specific dimensions, voltage, material and power rating they require.

The system will then dynamically interrogate the database and display the product model and price based on the desired specification.

Horse Power.

Of course, dynamically interrogating the database and presenting the correct product model for purchase is a fairly heavy database activity.

This all needs to happen within a second, to ensure the website visitor is not kept waiting. The performance required is achieved through specially configured high performance hosting provided by Blue Web.

Designed with a difference.

You might also notice that the home page of Ocean Footprint has footprints appearing in the sand next to the ocean, If you need something a little different designed for your website, get in touch to discuss it with us.


Eva s Kitchen – The Home of Homemade FoodEVA's Kitchen is a local business based in the lovely town of Bradford on Avon, based at Westdale Park where you can find a garden centre and a collection of small local businesses.

EVA's Kitchen is the cafe for the park, where shoppers can rest and enjoy the range of cakes and other food supplied by the Kitchen. The Cafe has proved so popular that the owner wished to provide cakes and other foods online, customers can buy from the online shop and collect from cafe.

Blue web, designed the new website and online shop to reflect the quality of the cakes and make it an easy experience for shoppers to find and buy the right cakes.

EVA's Kitchen also holds cookery classes, so the website includes a calendar of events for courses and classes.


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