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Consultative approach to website designNew website design process.

Blue Web is chosen by many businesses from start ups to established, to deliver new websites based on our experience and knowledge in business, this ensures the new website is effective and delivers the agreed business goals. A website shouldn't just look good, it should deliver new customers and business growth, in line with the aims of the business owner(s).

Consultative Approach.

Blue web utilises a consultancy process in the design and development of all the website's we design. The aim is to deliver highly profitable business that delivers value to the client. For commercial reasons, we can't reveal the full detail, however, the process brings together the following:

Your website is potentially the greatest investment you can make in your business, don't leave it in the hands of inexperienced web designers or DIY tools. Test your ideas and website plans with us to check you're website will really support your business growth.

You can read more about how we help new business start ups and particularly consulting businesses grow their brand and business here. Below are example of some businesses we've helped so far.

Business Consultancy Website Design

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Solicitor and Notary Website Design


Specialist website design for Business Consultants.

Many business executives offer a great deal of experience and knowledge that they can impart to other companies and it makes sense that they start their own consultancy business.

In today's rapidly changing world, companies require expertise and support from consultants that can cast an objective eye over an organisation's opportunities, threats, staff and technical issues to name a few.

A New Business and Career World.

Markets are changing more quickly that ever before and new, flexible resources are required to meet this demand. The old established model of full time, long term employment does not fit the new market dynamic and can slow an organisations' progress. Often, staff suffer from the 'can't see the wood for the trees' or are 'too close to a project' to see what is plain to an external consultant.

Clearly there is a level of security in working for an established employer and stepping out on your own can be a risky business. Ultimately though, it is a question of control, who is in control of your working life and even potentially your whole life? It takes a certain level of courage to step out on your own, but it's worth remembering that an employer can not only direct you to do work you might not enjoy, but can pull the rug from underneath your feet at any time. Many people in fact spend their whole working life wondering if they could set out on their own but never take the plunge.

Working as a business consultant or business coach or in any consultative capacity is not all plain sailing though, your income will vary from low to high rather than a fixed amount per month. So it's worth having a financial buffer, maybe savings or sometimes a redundancy package from a previous job can be valuable. The upside, though is that you get to keep the rewards of work rather than your employer, so the income potential is a lot greater.

What about a franchise in business consultancy, business coaching or other franchise?

Business Consultancy Career Choice?

Consultancy Career Choice?

As a kind of half way house between employment and setting out on your own, as self employed or through your own limited company, the option of taking on a consulting franchise exists. We don't recommend this route, for the following reasons; The pros are that you are taking on an established brand, however, is the brand reputation good? And most importantly it will never be your brand. All your efforts will go towards supporting and representing the brand, which may help you whilst you effectively work for the brand, but this brand value will be lost when you eventually break away and will have to start from scratch building your own brand reputation.

Franchise Cost and Inflexibility.

Franchises can be very expensive, in the multiple tens of thousands to buy plus ongoing marketing fees, but what do you really get for this expense? Franchises, particularly the USA based ones tend to follow a formula, which means you have to follow this formula, this can stifle individual flair and it's clear that for businesses receiving consulting services, one size does not fit all. They key with good consulting is to listen to the clients issues and provide a bespoke service that fits the requirement. This can be better done when you are in full control, not applying a pre-described format to every company.

Brand Strength and Control.

It's far better to create your own brand and build your reputation, based on client results, who will be happy to sing your and your own brand's praises. This is the path to a successful consultancy. Your business will grow by recommendation and your website will reflect your professionalism, services and satisfied clients.

You can see examples of consultancy websites by Blue Web below.

Tuition Consultancy Website A case study in breaking free from the 9 to 5.

Technology Business Consultancy website.

Nudging Business Consultancy website.

Statistical Consultancy website.

Educational Consultancy website.

Financial Consultant website.

In designing and developing websites for its customers Blue Web employs it's own consultative approach to maximise the value of the website to the client.  This consultative approach particularly lends itself to new Business Consultancy start-ups and new Business Coaching businesses. Contact us now for a preliminary discussion on how we can help with your business vision.

Business Consultancy Website design

Business Consultancy Website Design.

Behavioural Sciences is a relatively new method of getting greater efficiency and gain in business. It uses the idea of nudging people towards a particular action and that action is often the easier, more natural route to achieving a particular goal. The Get Noticed consultancy employed Blue Web to design and develop its' new website on the subject of business nudging.

Blue Web brings business experience and knowledge to bear in the process of designing websites for clients. We understand that the website is an investment in the businesses' future and should reflect the professionalism of the business and aim to deliver its' goals. This can only be done through a consultative approach to website design and development.

To learn more about business nudging visit the Get Noticed Consultancy website.

See more website design for Business Consultancy Websites.


55HIn history, when the bow and arrow was invented, this gave an advantage over those competing warriors that were only using a spear. Similarly, when the bow and arrow was first confronted by the rifle, you can guess who won! In battles over the centuries, one civilisation’s success was often due to technical advantages in weaponry.

Today thankfully in businesses, it is no longer necessary to kill your competitors! However, there are still similarities between war and business.

So how do you ensure your business not only survives but thrives against your competition?

  1. You can work harder, faster, longer and try to out-wit your competition.
  2. You could utilise technology to win your business war.

Given that your probably already doing the former, your focus should be on the latter. Fortunately, today the benefits that only big businesses could achieve a few years ago are now available to all businesses and no longer at the astronomical costs once charged.

Here are some key strategies that a business can adopt to gain a leaner, quicker more agile business and a business that has a better arsenal of weapons at its disposal.

People are looking for your services, make sure they find your website through Google and not someone elses! Optimise the content, keep content relevant and current, use social channels, get links back from authoritative websites.

Talk to us about how we can help your business with web technology.

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