Our Story – Why was Blue Web started?

Leaving a good job to start my own business?!

From personal experience I can say there is a certain safety in working for a large employer; good pay, good pension, holiday pay, promotions, pay rises, company car, expenses – even Christmas parties! There are downsides too; office politics, being overworked, working extra hours for no more pay, having a difficult boss, no down time, reporting. I’ve worked for large US corporations, where they start work around 2pm UK time and don’t finish until late in the evening, so you can expect a call sometimes after midnight UK time!

I recall working for one of the largest UK tech companies and being hired as an outsider. My first day I met with my peers and one asked ‘Would anyone like a coffee?’ I replied as did others ‘yes please’. Six coffees arrived, all except mine…that set the tone for my induction into this inward looking conglomerate; I wasn’t welcome by some almost ‘institutionalised employees’. I put up with it for five years, then tried a smaller web development company.

Trying new things.

My job was to head up and grow the UK part of this European website development company; a great chance to put my all effort into learning everything about web development and working with many of the UK’s best known organisations, from Guardian newspapers, Sky TV, Universities to central and local UK Government websites. I was instrumental in the UK success of this web software company, but when it came to my recommendations for future UK growth and a stake in the UK operation my ideas fell on deaf ears. The truth was I was just an employee and the owners were happy to reap the rewards without my vision for growth.

It became clear that the only way to deliver my own vision was to start from scratch, build by own business the way I wanted and work with people I like. People like me, with a vision and who strive for a better work and personal life. I’m a family man and I need and want time with my family, time to walk my dog, time to plan and time to enjoy life. If your priorities are similar to mine, please get in touch and I’ll do my best to help you reach your vision.

Hear the words of another new business owner.