Statistical Consulting Website and Blog web design

Statistical Consultant Website Design

Website Design for Statistical Consulting.

Many companies and organisations are sitting on a wealth of information that can provide insights and value. In fact for many companies this information can be their most important market differentiator. For example, supermarkets and onlines stores may transact thousands of items, they need to understand why certain items sell, what is it that determine more sales?

With an online store, small alterations to the user interface or upselling and cross selling at certain points may affect profitability. For supermarkets, positioning items on shelves, at certain times or particular offers may all all affect profitability. The key is to unlock this information through statistical analysis, segmentation and value analysis. Where best to target the organisations marketing spend.

Marriott Statistical Consulting, works with all types of organisations in research, modelling, intelligence, forecasting and planning. Collecting, measuring, presenting, analysing and interpreting data. Helping to help make informed business and organisational decisions.

Their new website contains a formal website detailing the services available and a more informal blog on statistics and predictions on various current events, from weather to sport to politics.

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