Is Your Website Unloved?

sunset-hairHas your website been left in a corner feeling unloved, looking a bit old fashioned, unable to always function properly?

Given that your website will now be viewed on more mobile devices than anything else, does it deliver?

The success of your website depends upon the following:

  • Design – Does it reflect what you would like your audience to perceive about your organisation?
  • Function – Is it clear, simple and easy to navigate to find useful information?
  • Content – Is it informative, engaging, well written and grammatically correct?

So after some consideration, you’ve decided your website is in desperate need of a revamp so who do you ask to help. What are your options?

  1. Go talk to a web designer, you know a friend of someone that did a website and knows some html.
    Stop right there! A nice looking static (cannot easily be updated) website that may not be database driven are no longer de rigueur!
  2. Go to a large design agency, they make super websites that have beautiful artistic designs. And a process to gather your innermost thoughts about the meaning of your business to humanity and your place in society.
    Yeh right! Go check out their previous work, the sites might look nice on your laptop but do they work well on your mobile? Design agencies sometimes have great creative people but not always so good at the database and technology nuts and bolts. Plus they can charge a fortune! A bit like buying a Ferrari and finding out the engine is missing, looks great on the front drive though!
  3. You know what’s coming…. Blue Web, we like good design, but it has to meet the three factors above. Design, function and content. If it doesn’t we won’t do it. Give us a call, we speak English and common sense.